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Columbia Missourian

Republicans to meet to elect delegates for congressional district and state caucuses

March 10, 2008 | 6:33 p.m. CDT

COLUMBIA —Boone County Republicans will meet to elect delegates for the 9th Congressional District and state caucuses at 10 a.m. Friday at the American Legion Hall, 600 S. Legion Lane.

To participate, Republicans need only be registered to vote in Boone County.


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Terry Spickert, chairman of Boone County’s Republican Party, said the caucus represents a chance for Republicans to have their voices heard statewide. Although it’s true that Arizona Sen. John McCain already won all the state’s delegates during the Feb. 5 primary, anyone who attends the caucus also can weigh in on the party’s platform. Delegates will have the chance to eventually attend the national convention.

“This is the grass roots from the county level,” Spickert said. “After (the election of delegates), if there are any additions or anything changes that perhaps might be brought forward — the attendees might want to change the state bylaws — they would be introduced at the county caucus.”

The county is responsible for electing 55 delegates to attend the congressional district caucus and another 55 for the state caucus. It also must elect alternates for each of those positions, which means it must fill 220 slots. Delegates can be elected to attend both caucuses, however.

Delegates at the congressional district level are responsible for electing three delegates to go on to the Republican National Convention Sept. 1-4 in Minneapolis-St. Paul.