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Columbia Missourian

Two Columbia residents chosen to vote at the Democratic National Convention

March 27, 2008 | 11:30 p.m. CDT

MEXICO, Mo. — Missouri Democrats from the Ninth Congressional District chose five delegates to vote at the National Democratic Convention, including two Columbia residents, at Thursday night’s congressional district caucus.

The group, made up of delegates from 25 counties, broke into two rooms of the Audrain County Courthouse according to whether they supported U.S. Sen. Barack Obama or U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton. From there, they voted on the delegates to represent them at the Democratic National Convention held in August in Denver, Colo.


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Obama supporters were able to choose one male and one female delegate, while supporters of Clinton chose two female delegates and one male delegate, with one male alternate, according to the way residents of the Ninth Congressional District voted in the Missouri Democratic Primary.

The delegates selected for Obama were Robin LaBrunerie, with 26 votes, and William Monroe of Fulton, with 25 votes. The total number of delegates present who supported Obama was 57, but only 55 voted.

Delegates chosen to vote for Clinton were Denise Gilmore, with 26 votes; Betty Wilson, with 21 votes; Samuel Hodge, with 21 votes, and alternate James McConnell. The total number of voting delegates backing Clinton was 65.

LaBrunerie, a Columbia resident, said she felt humbled to be chosen among so many delegates who wanted and deserved to go.

“I really want to continue to a part of (the process) because I think it’s the direction our country needs to go in,” LaBrunerie said.

MU student Denise Gilmore, the other Columbia resident chosen as a delegate, said she couldn’t have been more surprised at being elected to be a delegate.

“I’m still shocked but overwhelmingly elated,” she said.

During her speech, Gilmore told the audience that while the rest of her constituents were on spring break, she was spending time here with Clinton supporters. When asked what they would say now, she answered, “Hopefully they’ll appreciate it. I came here for the process more than anything.”

Delegates elected at the convention this evening will go on to vote in the National Convention in Denver from Aug. 25 to 28. They will be joined by delegates to be elected at the state convention on May 10 in Columbia. A total of 88 delegates and 12 alternates from Missouri will be voting in the National Convention.

Hodge, 22, said he was very excited to have the opportunity to go to the national convention and vote for Clinton.

“I’m going to be listening to every major Democrat on the floor, and I’m going to be tickled pink about it,” he said.