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Columbia Missourian

Letter: Segert’s school board candidacy exciting

By Catherine Parke, Columbia
March 31, 2008 | 9:50 a.m. CDT

In the context of recent active citizen concern and discussion of public school and Columbia School Board issues, the candidacy of Ines Segert for the board is particularly welcome and exciting. Among these issues are the ongoing math curriculum debate; new high school site selection; questions regarding openness and access to information, discussion and debate among the board, superintendent and the public; the board’s responsibility to guide, direct, work collaboratively with, and frankly assess the superintendent; and the board’s accountability to the citizens of Columbia.

Now is a crucial time in the history of public education. Now, more than ever, we must strive to live up to its original founding principle, namely to educate literate, actively engaged and highly alert citizens. Ines Segert will bring an energetic, well-informed and open-minded intelligence to this crucial responsibility to the common good. She deserves our vote on April 8.


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