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Columbia Missourian

Boone County Ballot Roundup

April 8, 2008 | 11:31 p.m. CDT

Here’s a look at the results of election races and issues in Boone County’s smaller towns, cities and school districts. All terms for municipal offices are two-year terms, and all school board positions are three-year terms unless otherwise indicated.


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Board of Aldermen: Mike Asmus was elected mayor. Larry Reberry ran unopposed in Ward 1. Randy Wyatt ran unopposed for Ward 2, and Michael Jackson ran unopposed for Ward 3.

Southern Boone County R-1 School District

School board: Jesse “Jay” Richardson, Bridget Canaday and Edward Bartel won the three available seats.

Bond issue: Passed. The district asked for a $1.7 million bond issue to equip, construct, furnish and improve school facilities, including the construction of an addition to the elementary school to accommodate fifth-grade students. No tax increase required.


Board of Aldermen: Shelley (Tuggle) Becker was elected mayor. No candidate filed for Ward 1 alderman. Jason Ridgel won for Ward 2 alderman, and Jessica Orsini ran unopposed in Ward 3.

Centralia R-6 School District

School board: Justin Romine, Mary Peeper, Timothy Beard won the three available seats.


Board of Aldermen: Carl South was re-elected mayor. Incumbent Jane Alexander ran unopposed in Ward 1, and Jeff Leverenz was unopposed in Ward 2.

Hallsville R-4 School District

School board: Danny Hardin, John Berkbuegler and Mike Crabtree won the three available seats.


Board of Trustees: Pam Timmermann ran unopposed for her third term, and Reggie Wilhite ran unopposed for a second term. There were two available seats.

Harrisburg R-8 School District

School Board: Sean Cochran, Jeff Arp and Scott Eaton won the three available seats.


Town Board: Nancy Grant, Jeanette Crawford, Michael Rodemeyer and Douglas Lammers won the five available one-year terms.


Board of Trustees: Ed McGee, Dallas Lancaster and Dorthy Eberhart ran unopposed for three available positions.

Proposition 1: Passed a half-cent sales tax.

Proposition 2: Passed a 50-cent property tax levy.


Town Board: Marvin Sapp and Lucille Coleman ran unopposed for two available positions.


Board of Trustees: Burdette Frew, Ronald Skiles and Cheryl Haynie ran unopposed for three available positions.


Board of Aldermen: Joe Aguirre won in Ward 1. No candidate filed for an available seat in Ward 2.


Board of Aldermen: Andrew Perkins ran unopposed in Ward 1 West, and Kevin Abrahamson ran unopposed in Ward 2 East.

Sturgeon R-5 School District

School Board: Doug Bowne, Rhonda Jennings-Burks and Darrin Kelly won the three available seats.

Public Water Supply District 4

Don Bryson won for Subdistrict 5 director.