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Columbia Missourian

The Columbia Missourian is updating its interactive Web site

By Tom Warhover
July 17, 2008 | 6:21 p.m. CDT
The new home page at, coming to a computer near you later next week.

Dear Reader,

If all goes well, you should see some significant changes to by midweek. But most of the work over the past nine months involves stuff you won’t see.


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Ever dumped thousands into replacing a roof? It’s not nearly as much fun as redesigning the kitchen, but way more important.

The main benefits to the massive code rewrite should be stability, speed and scalability, according to some very smart Missourian programmers. In plain English: You should have quicker access to information with fewer problems when lots of people are looking at the same time.

All that rewriting allows for some pretty cool design features:

There are tweaks. “Databank” isn’t the most descriptive term for the place where obituaries, births, crime blotter and more reside. The new name is “Keeping Tabs.” (Better?) And there are big-deal changes: Classified advertising will be readily accessible. (Look in the upper right tabs on the front page.)

All that internal code work by Noah Medling, TJ Royall and Mike Pearson should make it easier to make faster improvements in the future.

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