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Columbia Missourian

Community Conversation: Let's talk about the next president and our town

By Jake Sherlock
September 25, 2008 | 9:30 a.m. CDT

Dear Reader:

How will Columbia be affected by the next president?


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For all the hoopla, media coverage and debate surrounding the presidential election, that's a conversation I haven't heard. I've heard lots of talk about whether each candidate is ready to lead, who has the best experience and who is more out-of-touch with us.

But what about life at home? I have no doubt that Columbia will be a different place four years after the election. Which candidate is promoting the policies that will leave mid-Missouri residents better off four years from now?  

So let's look into our crystal balls and predict how a McCain-Palin or Obama-Biden administration would change Columbia. How do you see your life changing — for better or worse — depending on who wins the White House?

Here's how you can get involved:

During the week of Oct. 19, we'll feature your ideas, arguments and predictions in the Missourian's opinion section, online and in print. I've asked students in the editorial writing class at the Missouri School of Journalism to share their thoughts.

And while we're on the subject of elections, let's not forget other important races that are certain to affect our lives. Share your thoughts on races for governor, U.S. representative and state representatives through letters to the editor and guest columns, comments at and articles to

All election-related letters and editorials must be received by noon Oct. 31 for inclusion in print and on the Web. We'll continue to publish those submissions through Sunday, Nov. 2.