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Columbia Missourian

Talented journalists provide occasion to cheer

By Tom Warhover
December 19, 2008 | 12:00 p.m. CST

Dear Reader,

Radio Adelante is on the air. It’s on iTunes, too.


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Let me tell you about three extraordinary young women. Sarah Horne, Sara Shariari and Carolina Escalara have converted Adelante from a monthly print publication into a weekly radio show, and they have done it spectacularly.

The program airs each Saturday morning at 10 a.m. on KOPN/89.5 FM. It launched Sept. 27 after research into the potential Latino audience, discussions and advice from KOPN’s general manager, David Owens, volunteer recruitment and more. Sara, Carolina and Sarah led the charge from seed to tree.

As a print publication, Adelante stories ran in Spanish and in English; the radio show runs in Spanish only. There are other trade-offs. But these journalism students, with the guidance of Adelante editor Katherine Reed, showed that the service to Latinos could be greater over the airwaves.

Then they delivered, mainly by not asking for permission.

My most recent, most favorite example: Carolina spent two weeks last month learning how to broadcast the program online. Then she figured out how to get it on iTunes.

No one assigned her the task. She didn’t wait for a professor or producer to hand her instructions. The group discussed podcasting, and then Carolina did it.

Radio Adelante was a test. It’s safe to say it passed, and it will continue next year.

Oh, and if you’re not into iTunes, you can check it out here.

While online, you might want to check out available – no, excellent – doctors at

Vox, the city magazine of the Missourian, published an extraordinary edition Thursday. In it, you’ll find 184 of the best doctors in the area. The heart of the report is based on surveys of doctors themselves: Whom would they take their spouse or child to see?

It’s the largest Vox edition in its 10-year existence, according to its long-time editorial director, Jennifer Rowe. There are fascinating stories, cover to cover. I’m partial to “Boone’s biopsy,” a statistical look at the health of the people of Boone County.

I had nothing to do with the success of Radio Adelante or Vox’s Top Doctors edition – except to marvel at the work of these talented journalists.

That, and cheer.