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Columbia Missourian

Don't worry — we're keeping the comics

By Tom Warhover
January 30, 2009 | 12:00 p.m. CST

But there will be other changes coming to the print Missourian

Dear Reader,

Martha Alexander wrote to me Thursday. “I heard a rumor,” she said, “that the paper may not carry comics. I hope that’s not true!”


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It’s not, I’m happy to report.

But the newsroom has had a long week of moving furniture.

By the end of February, the print Missourian will reduce its frequency from seven days a week to five. The decision, made in December, is part of an effort to cut expenses for a newspaper that’s been in deep deficits for a long time.

So yes, "Doonesbury" stays. I’m still trying to figure out whether we can afford "Family Circus" at $17 a week while paying just $6 for "Grand Avenue." But there will be 14 comics on the Time Out page.

There will be the kind of in-depth reporting you find every Saturday in the Weekend Missourian, even after that edition is no more. You’ll find those enterprise "cover" stories on other days of the week. And you’ll find them more often.

There won’t be a page called Second Front after February. There will be local, national and world news throughout the newspaper.

Page 2A will see a facelift. The sports front may have fewer stories but better display of particularly dramatic or interesting pieces.

Martha Alexander also wanted to know whether Monday’s Sudoku could be printed on Tuesday.

I don’t know, but it’s on the list.

Dozens of questions have been asked and answered in the past week alone. There’s not much time. Moving day will be here in a month.