LETTER: Alice Walker turns blind eye to Israeli losses

Monday, March 9, 2009 | 12:35 p.m. CDT

When the Rabbis of yore sought to explain why Balaam, the non-Hebrew biblical prophet, was so eager to close a deal with Moabian King Balak though God was utterly opposed to it, the Rabbis concluded that Balaam was blind in one eye, metaphorically that is.

Alice Walker, the renowned author and a Pulitzer laureate, is similarly blind in one eye, notwithstanding her weighty literary credentials. On March 8, the Missourian reported that Walker is traveling to Gaza “to highlight the devastation of the (recent) Israeli offensive on Gaza’s residents."

Where was Ms. Walker during the last three years when Israel pulled out its military and civilians from the Gaza Strip and Palestinian terrorist organizations reacted by firing daily rockets and mortar shells on nearby Israeli towns? By going only to Gaza, Ms. Walker, the writer of “The Color Purple,” is choosing to close one eye. If she only opened it, that one eye would also see the traumatized children of the Israeli town of Sderot who, upon hearing the Emergency Broadcast System calling: “The Red Color,” have only 15 seconds to make it to a sheltered space before explosion. Similarly, the PTA in the Israeli city of Ashkelon refused to allow students to attend their unprotected schools. In response, Israel’s government has just allocated 20 million shekels for constructing safe areas in Ashkelon’s schools to help and protect pupils from incoming Gaza rockets. 

In siding automatically with those they perceive as the “underdog", radical liberals such as Ms. Walker shut their other eye from seeing that it was the people of Gaza – the proverbial “underdog” — who elected Hamas to govern them in the first place. And it is this government that has been using them as a human shield in the belief that Israel would be deterred from attacking Gaza’s terrorists, though they continue to operate deliberately from within civilian neighborhoods by launching rockets into Israel.

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Christopher Foote March 9, 2009 | 4:37 p.m.

Mr. Feintuch,
Since September 2000, 123 Isreali children have been killed by Palestinians. Contrast this with 1,487 Palestinian children killed in the same time period ( For the three years prior to the Isreali offensive (2006, 2007, 2008) the child death toll was 276 Palestinian children and 7 Isreali children. These dates correspond to "the last three years when Israel pulled out its military and civilians from the Gaza Strip and Palestinian terrorist organizations reacted by firing daily rockets and mortar shells on nearby Israeli towns". You imply that Isreal acted responsibly, whereas the Palestinians did not. These numbers suggest otherwise. Perhaps you could provide a justification for the disparity in child death toll that goes beyond simply stating they are collateral damage. There are unfortunately, numerous examples in which children have been shot indiscriminately. For example here is a transcript from an IDF recording of the killing of 13 year old Iman Al-Hams:
‘It’s a little girl. She’s running defensively eastward’

Operations room
‘Are we talking about a girl under the age of 10?’

‘A girl of about 10, she’s behind the embankment, scared to death’

Captain R (after killing the girl)
‘Anything moving in the zone, even a three-year-old, needs to be killed’
That's a captain in the Isreali army after he's shot a child 17 times. She was alone and not perceived to be a threat. Moreover he stated that killing a three year old was acceptable.

Albert Camus:

In such a world of conflict, a world of victims and executioners, it is the job of thinking people, not to be on the side of the executioners.

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Charles Dudley Jr March 9, 2009 | 5:16 p.m.

Christopher Foote what about all of the other innocent women and children that Palestinian Terrorists use as human meat shields in combat zones the terrorists create amongst peaceful civilians?

Where do those numbers figure into the bigger picture?

Just a serious question you neglected to include the statistics of being you seem very knowledgeable about all of the statistics of this issue.

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Christopher Foote March 9, 2009 | 6:08 p.m.

Mr. Dudley,

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to say. Your syntax is very peculiar:

"Just a serious question you neglected to include the statistics of being you seem very knowledgeable about all of the statistics of this issue."

I simply listed the child casualties for each side. I didn't list adult fatalities, because the Isrealis label most of them as terrorists in their casualty reports (it looks better that way), and I assumed that people such as yourself would accept that view, a priori. It's rather difficult to label children as terrorists, as most will agree that they are innocent.

Are you suggesting that it is the fault of the Palestinians that the Isrealis have killed such a large number of Palestinian children?

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Martin Lewis March 10, 2009 | 12:37 p.m.

I live in Inverness, Scotland, and so this is a detached view.

‘Israel wants any ceasefire to include an internationally-enforced arms ban on Hamas, meaning international monitors on Gaza's Egyptian border to stop smuggling, and a complete end to the firing of rockets at Israel from Gaza.’

Source - Tim Butcher in Jerusalem, Telegraph 7 Jan 2008.

While I personally do not like the Jewish Faith or the Zionist zealots, I cannot see why anyone would object to this. So why the conflict and fighting?

I am amazed at the way the UK media, including the BBC, and the UN have come out in open and blatant support of the terrorist group 'Hides among Mosques and Schools' (Hamas). Do they also support Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda? It appears to me that to provide the Hamas Gaza offensive against Israel with very large sums of money that is going to be misappropriated to buy weapons and explosives is an act of war against Israel.

It makes one suspicious that the Islamic terror group's intimidatory propaganda of cutting completely innocent people's heads off with a small knife while they are alive and fully conscious of what is being done, and showing this disgusting act on the Internet has thoroughly intimidated and cowed the feminist UK media who dare not speak against these people for fear that they will be kidnapped and executed themselves to be used for further intimidation.

As for the UN, it now seems to be in the hands of the Moslems, and hence indirectly, the Islamic fundamentalist.

During the last century’s great war the vicious and blood soaked nazis started by attacking the Israelis, now it is the Islamic fundamentalist. Will the next great war this century be between the Islamic East and the West?

If so then it will soon be time to choose sides, and I will be for the Western democracies and science, not for an Eastern medieval religion that has spread through intimidation, fear, and violence.

The discrepancy in casualty rates...
The discrepancy in casualty rates is because of the different attitudes of both parties. While Israel prepared shelters, early warning systems, hospitals and ambulances over the last decade, the Hamas leadership saw advantages in creating and sustaining a large number of civilian casualties to create outrage against Israel in Gaza and in the Arab world.

A Truthful Account...

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Martin Lewis March 10, 2009 | 12:39 p.m.

Further to my previous comment -

Science has shown that the Jewish faith is based on a falsehood - that Jehovah in the Old Testament was the Almighty God.

Once this falsehood is proven the Israeli people can diminish their ‘faith’ and, finally, be freed of the Jewish faith and a false brutal god figure that has been a curse to them for so many many generations; and to whom fighting and war is the way for the Israeli, regardless of their own wishes.

The way to resolve this situation is not through fighting, which only strengthens the Zealot and Jehovah, but through Science and the Truth; and the careful, endlessly patient, and gentle education of the Israeli people. But first the falsehood of Jehovah being the Almighty God must be proven by Science. Books on this subject already exists, but the Authors are very brave men to speak The Truth. This will give the True Moslem an invincible ‘weapon’ against the Zealot, far more powerful than the atomic bomb.

Israel can be destroyed many times, but it will always rise again, stronger than before, as only the strongest Jews survive each time. So each destruction just serves Jehovah’s will in creating a superior warrior race for him to rule the world. This is stated by him in the Old Testament, and can be read by all.

In the 1940s Hitler and the Nazis served Jehovah’s will by murdering approximately six million of the poorer, weaker, less clever and less capable Jews, leaving the strongest, boldest and cleverest who managed to escape; thus strengthening the whole Jewish race.

This process of the strengthening of the Jewish race can only be stopped by proving the Jewish faith to be false and the slow and careful conversion of the Israeli people... and, perhaps, their protection from the Jehovah figure.

So I call upon Hamas to end the fighting, endure the Zealot’s provocations, and turn to the books of knowledge and men of learning in order to destroy a false faith and finally free the Israeli people; even if this take generations of people in the future to finally succeed. And in the meanwhile defend the Gaza people and build a peaceful and prosperous small nation.

But this is only my personal opinion.

Evidence for the falsehood of Jehovah

- the descriptions of the leading of the Egyptian slaves out of Egypt fit a man with the power of flight, via a hot air balloon. The technology for this existed in other countries. Hard evidence exist for this in the original documents from which the Bible was written.

- Jehovah imposed a covenant with the slaves, without any consultation or regard for their welfare. This was the action of a war lord, not the Almighty God.

- Jehovah ordered the impalement of the ‘freed’ slaves, now Israelis, who disobeyed the covenant. The Almighty God would not need to do such a terrible thing, this was the action of a war lord and a Satanic figure.

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Charles Dudley Jr March 11, 2009 | 5:00 a.m.

>>> Christopher Foote Are you suggesting that it is the fault of the Palestinians that the Isrealis have killed such a large number of Palestinian children? <<<

Yes I am and always will until the good Palestinians and the good Muslims of that region decide enough is enough and kick the cowardly radical Islamic terrorists out of their midst who use women,children,Mosques,hospitals,schools and other places they hide behind like the stinking cowardly dogs they truly are because they need to have those places and human meat shields to hide behind.

Until I see different my opinion will always stand.

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