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Columbia Missourian

VOTER REACTION: Voters at Trinity Presbyterian Church want fiscally prudent schools

By Dominic Immer
April 7, 2009 | 11:48 a.m. CDT

COLUMBIA — Here's what some of the voters at Trinity Presbyterian Church had to say Tuesday morning:

"The main issue facing the school and the city are the budgets. There are a lot of tough choices to be made."


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— Tom Richards, 39, an employee at First National Bank

"I think there needs to be less money spent for administrative costs and more spent on the children. To me, a priority in the schools is small class size and better compensation for teachers.

"They (Columbia Public Schools) are spending $750,000 for new software and $200,000 for new staff. This is supposed to make them more efficient? It doesn't add up to me."

— Ann Schaeperkoetter, 55, physical therapist. She supports Sam Phillips and Christine King

"Teacher pay and balanced economic growth are the main issues. They are all tied together. You have to have an educated work force to achieve economic growth."

— Rob Weagley, 57, professor of financial planning at MU