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Columbia Missourian

VOTER REACTION: Thoughts from voters at Shepard Boulevard Elementary School

By Sara Jane Maaranen
April 7, 2009 | 12:04 p.m. CDT

What voters had to say at Shepard Boulevard Elementary about the Sixth Ward elections:

“(Sam Phillips) appears to be a level-headed guy who isn’t there for just one issue.”


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— Frank Cunningham, 45, state of Missouri employee

“I think she (Hoppe) brings a good perspective to it. I think she asks good questions. I think she brings things to the discussion that wouldn’t be there otherwise.”

– Brian Allen, 44, environmental manager

“She's (Hoppe) done wonderful things for this neighborhood. Barb has been working on getting (Moon Valley Lake) donated to Green Belt Land Trust.”

– Jenny Young, 39, attorney who supports Sam Phillips and Michelle Pruitt

“She's (Hoppe) worked really hard with resident concerns. Robison hasn’t been involved in the neighborhood association. This is a family neighborhood, and Barbara Hoppe has always called us back. … Robison has not been involved at all in the neighborhood association or our main concerns here, even though he’s been here eight years.”

– Paula Gage, 61, retired nurse