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Columbia Missourian

No second bridge for College Avenue

By Matthew Kane
December 5, 2009 | 4:05 p.m. CST

COLUMBIA — Pedestrians crossing College Avenue will have to make do with just one bridge.

The *MU administration* decided against a proposed construction of a second bridge, saying the idea was impractical.

“Because of how flat that stretch of College Avenue is and how broad the student housing is, there isn’t a central location that’s worth the massive number of dollars that a bridge would cost,” Missouri Students Association President Jordan Paul said.

Paul said the MSA and the administration are looking at other options to fix the problem. Students dart across traffic daily, frequently standing in turn lanes as they wait for an opportunity to cross the four lanes between student housing and campus. Several accidents have occurred, including a Sept. 2 incident in which a car hit an MU student.

"It's a real pain to attempt to cross, especially during the middle of the day," MU student Ally Anderson said. "I frequently have to run to the middle lane, wait, and then run across. It's pretty dangerous at times."

When students are not jaywalking across all four lanes, the sheer number of pedestrians crossing at crosswalks can bring traffic to a standstill for drivers attempting to turn from University Avenue on to College Avenue.

According to Paul, a possible solution is the construction of raised islands, so students could wait there as opposed to standing in the middle of the road. Another is the inclusion of barriers like those on Providence Road near the football stadium, which would prevent pedestrians from jaywalking.

In early October, the MU administration conducted a traffic study of the area to determine whether action was needed. The administration has reviewed the plan several times.

There is no timetable for an expected decision.