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Columbia Missourian

Voters Guide: Columbia City Council, Ward 3

March 12, 2010 | 6:35 p.m. CST

Ward 3 mapThe election race between Gary Kespohl and Karl Skala is a repeat from 2007, when Kespohl lost by 83 votes. He said that Skala's voting record is the biggest difference between 2007 and now. The Third Ward is a rather large, diverse area that has recently been the site of several contentious land use issues, such as the Richland annex, the Stadium Road extension and the new high school. This election could represent a major shift in the dynamic of the Columbia City Council; Kespohl and Skala are very polarized candidates and almost always sit on opposite sides of issues such as downtown cameras, infill and smart growth, and building revenue for the city. The election is April 6.

The candidates:


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Their responses to 11 questions on the issues:

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