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Columbia Missourian

Sean O'Day endorses Sid Sullivan for Columbia mayor

By Chris Canipe
March 31, 2010 | 6:01 p.m. CDT

COLUMBIA — Sean O'Day has endorsed Sid Sullivan to be Columbia's next mayor.

O'Day said Wednesday that he doesn't consider the endorsement an end to his own campaign for mayor because the ballots have already been printed. But he does plan to refocus his resources to support Sullivan.


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"Sid Sullivan is the candidate that lines up the most with our key objectives for the city," O'Day said.

O'Day has spoken out against Proposition 1, which would place cameras in downtown Columbia to combat crime. He thinks Sullivan shares his concerns. "He's for keeping the people free and not necessarily sacrificing that freedom for our security."

Sullivan said O'Day told him about the endorsement Wednesday morning.

"I guess I'm honored that he did that," he said. "He certainly brings a youthful element to the campaign."

He said O'Day shares his views on planning and making sure roads are in place before development occurs. Sullivan said he thinks O'Day sees him as a candidate with the necessary background and experience to accomplish their common goals.

"I think he sees me as someone with a business background, as someone who understands business and understands where business is going in the future," he said.

O'Day and Sullivan are among six candidates running for mayor in Tuesday's election. O'Day said he isn't sure what form his support for Sullivan would take over the next few days.

"I'll probably do some canvassing," O'Day said. "I'll have to contact them to find out what kind of support they need."

The other candidates for mayor are Jerry Wade, Sal Nuccio, Paul Love and Bob McDavid.