GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Coverage of Pakistan floods lacks urgency

Saturday, August 21, 2010 | 2:16 p.m. CDT

Charles Davis, Associate Professor, Missouri School of Journalism: It is a holy month for most people in Pakistan. Ramadan is under way, but millions of residents in this troubled country are now displaced. Recently, flooding has submerged one-fifth of Pakistan in water. Thousands of people have died, and thousands of children are at risk of getting cholera. Just this week, pilotless drone attacks killed at least 13 people. And if that isn't enough for one country to deal with at one time, there is also a renewed conflict between Pakistan and India over the disputed Kashmir Territory. How are these issues being covered in the U.S. and international press? How will Pakistan figure into the United States' continued efforts to stamp out al-Qaida? Today we have Qasim Nauman, editorial administrator of Newsweek Pakistan, in Lahore, Pakistan; Omar Waraich, contributing writer for TIME Magazine, in Islamabad, Pakistan; and Ashok Malik, columnist from Times of India, in New Delhi, India. Qasim, do you think the international news media is covering the situation in Pakistan accurately, broadly and effectively?