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Columbia Missourian

MU dining halls continue to serve students during storm

By Ann Elise Taylor
February 1, 2011 | 3:43 p.m. CST

COLUMBIA — MU's Campus Dining Services is open and working around the blizzard that began early Tuesday.

Rollins dining hall manager Nancy Monteer said 100 percent of the dining hall’s scheduled full-time staff and 20 percent of its scheduled student staff arrived at work Tuesday morning for the breakfast shift.


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On a normal day, the dining hall feeds about 400, but Monteer said only 100 showed up to eat Tuesday.

Many full-time staff members had to arrive at work as early as 4:30 a.m. to get there before the storm, Monteer said.

Myrone Lewis, a food service worker who has worked at Rollins for five years, said he had to call a cab to get to work from his downtown home.

“The morning shift people got here OK,” Lewis said. “It wasn’t too bad.”

Monteer said that as the storm progresses, she expects fewer workers to show. For the lunch and dinner shifts, she anticipated about 30 percent of Rollins' full-time staff and 40 percent of its student staff would arrive for work. Staffing holes will be filled by student staff in MU's Department of Residential Life.

Hope Drury, a Residential Life student staff member at Johnston Residence Hall, said she and the rest of the staffers in her building were told Monday that they would be working at Rollins or Plaza 900 dining halls for the dinner shift later Tuesday. She said she and her coworkers would be shoveling snow off the pathways around her building every hour, on the hour.

Despite the additional work, Drury said she was trying to stay positive.

“I don’t really mind working in the dining halls,” Drury said. And shoveling snow "hasn’t been too bad. I’m trying to keep a happy attitude about it.”

Rollins also is taking precautionary measures, such as providing full-time staff with temporary housing if they can't get home tonight. Monteer also said a double order of food was delivered Tuesday morning in preparation for Wednesday.