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Columbia Missourian

DEAR READER: Boone Life showcases community experience

By Eve Edelheit
February 26, 2011 | 4:19 p.m. CST

Dear Reader,

Each semester at the Missourian we choose a new theme for our photo column, Boone Life. This semester the theme is "What Does it Feel Like?"


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Our staff photographers are learning to show you what something looks like, but this theme pushes them to use the five senses to tell you a unique story within Boone County.

For example, the first Boone Life of the semester is about Gary Stewart, a baker at Uprise Bakery who works the night shift. Through audio and documentary photos, photojournalist Nick Schnelle attempts to focus on the emotions of someone who works overnight. We hope Nick's story gives you an idea of what it feels like to work the night shift.

Boone Life is driven by a passion for community journalism. Often on daily assignments, staff photographers remain within the city limits of Columbia. Boone Life gives our staff photographers an opportunity to illustrate stories within Boone County, often beyond Columbia. We hope Boone Life helps us celebrate what makes living in Boone County a unique experience.

When MU photojournalism graduate Chris Zuppa started the photo column in 2001, it was a small section of the Sunday paper with one or two photographs and a story. But photojournalism and the column have evolved since then. Until a year ago the column was reserved for graduate students. Now, all staff photographers are invited to shoot for Boone Life.

So how are Boone Life photos different from the daily coverage?

Boone Life consists of images that are connected, telling a story through visuals gathered during a longer period of time. You’ll notice Nick spent a couple nights with Stewart. He was even present when Stewart turned the light off from his bed at the end of his day.

For the print component, our photographers work with the Boone Life editor and designer to create a layout that tells the story. For the online portion of Boone Life, the photographers work with the multimedia editors to create a story using still images, video and sound.

I am the Boone Life photo editor this semester, and I am extremely excited about the ideas that have been generated for upcoming columns. They will grab you with their visual richness and engage you with the community around us.

And we have a favor to ask. If you know of interesting people in our county, please drop us an email at If someone’s story is interesting to you, others might find it interesting, too.

Eve Edelheit is a senior at the Missouri School of Journalism, where she primarily studies photojournalism. She is the Boone Life editor this semester at the Columbia Missourian.