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Columbia Missourian

Dallmeyer brothers enjoy Missouri-Kansas basketball rivalry

By Nick Forrester
March 5, 2011 | 5:04 p.m. CST

COLUMBIA — When Mitchell Dallmeyer left Mizzou Arena on Saturday, he knew what was coming.

Dallmeyer, wearing a blue shirt with an image of a Kansas Jayhawk in the middle, stood outside Section 116 with his brother Matt Dallmeyer, a Missouri fan, when an older Missouri fan approached the two brothers. The fan looked at Matt Dallmeyer and asked the question that was on several Missouri fans' minds.


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“How do you stand him?” the Missouri fan asked.

“I keep him in a cage,” Matt Dallmeyer, 32, joked.

“Yeah, outside, too,” Mitchell Dallmeyer, 27, said. “It sucks when it rains.”

During Saturday’s Missouri vs. Kansas game, the brothers held up a sign during timeouts that read, “Border War Brothers.” On one side of “War” there was a Tigers logo, and on the other there was a Jayhawks logo. In the second half, the brothers were shown holding up the sign on the scoreboard at Mizzou Arena. Some fans cheered, but others booed Mitchell Dallmeyer.

For the Dallmeyer brothers, the Missouri-Kansas rivalry extends far beyond the court. It's a part of their everyday lives.

Matt Dallmeyer is from Jefferson City, and has been a Missouri fan for as long as he can remember. When he was in third grade, his parents divorced. Matt Dallmeyer stayed with his father in Jefferson City, while Mitchell Dallmeyer moved with his mother and stepfather to Leawood, Kan., located just 40 miles from Lawrence, where he became a Kansas fan.

Since then, the entire family has been divided between the rivalry. Mitchell Dallmeyer went to Kansas. A sister got her bachelor’s degree at MU and her master’s degree at Kansas. Their father got a law degree from MU, while their brother-in-law also went to Kansas.

“It’s quite a divided family,” Matt Dallmeyer said. “It gets pretty heated, but Mitchell kind of learns his place because it’s mostly dominated by Tiger fans.

“But we do respect each others' choices in the teams. But sometimes, it’s a little more difficult to do that than others.”

Mitchell Dallmeyer then stopped his brother to make sure the facts in this story were correct.

“Don’t get us wrong, we are an extremely competitive family,” Mitchell Dallmeyer said. “They give me a hard time about being a Kansas fan all the freakin’ time.”

Following Kansas’ 70-66 win, Mitchell Dallmeyer was all smiles but made sure he kept quiet since the game was at Missouri.

“Since the game was in Mizzou Arena, I’m not saying anything,” Mitchell Dallmeyer said.