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Columbia Missourian

LETTER: Congressional hearing needed on UFO sightings

By Bill Wickersham
April 15, 2011 | 6:48 p.m. CDT

In 1999, a 13-member French committee composed of retired generals, scientists and space experts issued the "COMETA Report," which included the examination of some 500 international UFO sightings, including radar or visual cases and previously undisclosed reports of commercial and military pilots.  The study also drew on data from official sources, government authorities and air forces of other countries.  Those findings are included in a 90-page document.

In an article published by the Boston Globe, investigative journalist Leslie Kean  quotes the COMETA group as saying "numerous manifestations observed by reliable witnesses could be the work of crafts of extraterrestrial origin and, in fact, the best explanation is the extraterrestrial (ET) hypothesis." 


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Kean also notes that while the ET hypothesis is not categorically proven, the COMETA findings support that hypothesis with the statement that "strong presumptions exist in its favor, and if it is correct, it is LOADED WITH SIGNIFICANT CONSEQUENCES" (emphasis added).

Kean is joined by U.S. astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who said of the report: "It is significant that individuals of some standing in the government, military and intelligence community in France came forward with this ... At a confidence level above 90 percent, there is reality to all of this."

Given this well-documented French revelation, it is now time for open, secrecy-free U.S. Congressional hearings on the UFO/ET matter.

Bill Wickersham is an adjunct professor of peace studies at MU.