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A guide to the From Readers section

By Missourian staff
February 9, 2012 | 1:14 p.m. CST

Welcome to the From Readers section. This is a section of the Missourian dedicated to our community’s voices and stories. It is written by you, and by the rest of our community.

We don’t have strict selection guidelines, and we’d be happy to talk to you about whether your idea would make a good submission. (Hint: It probably would.) Examples of past submissions are below. 


Life and Culture

A call for more education on the subject of rape

A reflection on war from a research assistant professor at the MU Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

Insights into the life of a Columbia librarian

Readers share lessons from their mothers

A questioning piece about what to do for people who are cast aside

Current events and breaking news

Father of Ashland teen describes events leading up to son's death

Robin Williams, depression, and the burning swamp

A discussion about Occupy COMO from a participant

Scanner traffic from a fire in May at a local apartment complex

Memories of Sterling Wyatt from his Taekwondo instructor


Volunteering as a Challenger Division "player buddy" is a meaningful experience

Heather Green takes on Law School while continuing to compete in track, field events

A call for support for the Missouri basketball team after a disappointing loss

Thoughts from an SEC native and Mizzou fan

An explanation of what the Mizzou Quidditch team does

Pet fostering

Stephens student finds comfort in fostering dogs from Second Chance

The rescue of Zipper the kitten

Caring for a flock of more than 30 finches


The House of Treasures becomes the House of God

Columbia preacher goes out of his comfort zone with new congregation

ANY QUESTIONS: Are there LGBTQ-friendly churches in Columbia?


Personal connections to an exhibit at the MU Museum of Art and Archaeology

An MU student discusses her artistic processes and inspirations

A call for submissions for a holiday exhibition at P.S.: Gallery

… And check out ArtTalk, where you can share something you're excited about and open the eyes of the community to local art.


Food bank volunteers share their take on community service

Truman Leadership Camp students share their definition of service

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture teaches home gardening

There are just a few things we need you to keep in mind as you submit your work — we promise it’s not much.

Please include these two things with your work:

We’d also love to attach photos or video to your story if you have them available.

How to submit:

Send an email to with your story attached or pasted in the email. If you prefer, you can send mail to Columbia Missourian, Attn: Submissions, 221 S. Eighth St., Columbia, MO 65211.

One more thing, we also ask that you abide by the same rules in your submission that we ask you to in our comments policy:

Here’s what happens after you submit your work:

All content is reviewed by an editor with a gentle hand before it is published. We are happy to help you with spelling, grammar and writing style, but we will try to maintain your own words and tone. If questions come up during the editing process, we might contact you to clarify information.  We'd also be happy to help hone your writing. If you'd like a bit more assistance, mention it in your submissions email.


Email Joy Mayer, the Missourian's director of community outreach, at