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FROM READERS: Almost March photo gallery

By John Hall/Missourian Reader
February 28, 2012 | 5:32 p.m. CST
A crocus attempts to bloom over the weekend. Photo from John Hall.

John Hall frequently photographs his mid-Missouri surroundings, and he has been sharing his images with for several years.

There have been a few questions lately as to why the lack of photos. No single good reason comes to mind. I suppose that when there isn't much to photograph during the drabness of January and February one tends to keep their camera in the holster and only draw it when there is something worthwhile to shoot.

A crocus made a half-hearted attempt to bloom early this week but when it peeked out it decided all that work of breaking through to the surface wasn't worth the effort. There have been a number of fair weather fowl who have come around with the addition of some suet, wild bird seed and other feeding and watering stations added to the back yard. The famous Seed Thrower bird appeared at one feeder and if you look closely at some of the photos you can see the fruits of its labor flying through the air.

Mourning Doves love to eat the seed cast to the grown by the Seed Throwers and will hang around the feeders until the dispensing of the seed is completed the supply is consumed.

Cardinals prefer sunflower seeds, but I caught one in the wisteria bush eating some suet and then taking it off to his mate. It only proves that when you get hungry you'll eat a lot of things that aren't necessarily your favorite. Of course, I eat too much and one photo was a self photo taken right after lunch.

With the tomato plants a couple of inches tall, in the cold frames, the work started today in tilling the soil for one last shot at freezing and thawing. It appears that we might not have winter in the Midwest until April. But, rest assured, winter will come. A note to early gardeners: You can't fool Mother Nature. Of course, you can't avoid her husband either, you know him by the name of Father Tyme.

When I'm able to get out and about and take some good photos I'll share them. That is, however, if I ever get out and about anymore. I went to the gasoline pump this morning and filled two five gallon cans. When those containers were purchased I could fill them for less than $2 each. I recalled as I filled those this morning the prophetic words of Charlie Hook back in Auburn, Kansas in the 1970's. He told me that someday gasoline would cost so much that it would take $2.50 to fill a can. Charlie was ahead of his time. I don't know where he is today but if I could find him I'd give him a call and tell him that one can of liquid cost me over $16 this morning. I surmised that the price of that liquid wouldn't be going down and purchased two. What did I do after buying two five gallon cans of gasoline? I went to the bank. That is the truth. I took out a loan on the next purchase of two cans of gasoline which which will probably cost $25 a piece by the time they start shooting firecrackers.

For any of you born in 1932 happy 20th birthday tomorrow (Leap Year).

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