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Columbia Missourian

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columbia residents should be thankful for Hoppe

By Chris Teeter
March 15, 2012 | 6:00 a.m. CDT

Columbia residents should be grateful to have such a hardworking, thoughtful and conscientious person to serve on the City Council as Barbara Hoppe. She is just the kind of advocate Columbia needs as we grow. Many cities in the country have suffered as a result of growth without foresight. Barbara has been a careful advocate of neighborhoods and individual rights while at the same time realizing that healthy businesses are at the heart of our success.

I have been fortunate to play a small part in the development of the North Village area in downtown Columbia. This area of the city has undergone a transformation in the past five years, and the support of Ms. Hoppe and the City Council has been crucial. New businesses and new building projects have developed as a result, and more are on the way.


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City planners across the country know that development of the arts can play an important part in revitalizing urban areas, as well as defining the personality of a town. In addition, businesses that are looking for cities to build or expand in look at the character of the area they are considering. In order to attract business and competent employees, they look at what the area has to offer potential employees. How many parks and recreation areas are there? What is there for people to do and see in their spare time? How safe are the neighborhoods? How good are the schools? Ms. Hoppe realizes this is true development and acts accordingly.

This is also the test of leadership in communities that seek a strong business atmosphere. They do all the things that businesses in the end thrive upon. Ms. Hoppe’s council voting record shows she has been a strong advocate for Columbia and business development by fighting for intelligent oversight as we grow, by strengthening the fight on crime, by fighting for parks and for helping in the development of downtown by supporting the North Village Arts District.

I strongly urge you to vote for Barbara so that we can continue to have such excellent representation on the City Council.

Chris Teeter is a Columbia resident.