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Columbia Missourian

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Barbara Hoppe has supported smart growth and progress

By Wiley Miller
March 22, 2012 | 6:00 a.m. CDT

Citizens of the Sixth Ward, your fellow Columbians need your help. On April 3, only you can perform the extraordinarily valuable act in support of your city by re-electing your current Columbia City Council representative, Ms. Barbara Hoppe. During her tenure on the council, Ms. Hoppe has worked very hard to help make Columbia a wonderfully progressive city with healthy and rewarding growth. She is an extremely hard worker and contributes considerable time and effort to the study and mastery of issues and problems that confront the city. For many years before and after the economic downturn in 2008, her hard work and attention to detail allowed her to provide solid budgetary leadership for the city during a period of financial difficulty.

Ms. Hoppe believes in sound financial planning and practices, but she is always aware of the impact of the council’s financial decisions. Anyone can easily cut a budget by reducing expenditures without much regard for consequences — the programs, projects and people affected by such cuts. That is not Ms. Hoppe’s approach. She worked to save extra reserves in the good years and to use in the difficult economic years, and she found ways to cut expenses and balance the budget. She seeks budgets balanced in the most responsible and humane manner possible. Her quiet but extremely well-informed and effective leadership has contributed enormously to matters such as Columbia’s public safety, recreational facilities, economic development and the overall quality of life.


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Yet much remains to be done. Not all city growth has been planned and executed well enough. Many infrastructure needs remain unmet, and not everyone has benefited adequately from much that this city has to offer. We need Ms. Hoppe’s continued insightful, intelligent, comprehensive and compassionate presence on the council in order to preserve gains made and to improve upon those achievements.

In the future, Columbia will continue to grow and change. Most citizens will want constructive and appropriate growth. Given her tremendous talents, wealth of knowledge, extensive experience, inclusive approach to governance and profound love for this community, Ms. Hoppe’s continued presence on the council will do much to move us further toward the kind of growth and change most beneficial to all.

Citizens of the Sixth Ward, please don’t let us down. Please go to the polls on April 3 and re-elect Ms. Barbara Hoppe.

Wiley Miller is a Columbia resident.