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Columbia Missourian

Mid-Missouri residents adopt new pets at Columbia event

By Don Baik
April 1, 2012 | 7:30 p.m. CDT
James Harrison and his new dog, Missy, pose for a photo.

COLUMBIA — No Kill Columbia held a pet adoption event Sunday with about 200 cats and dogs from 13 shelters waited for adoption. The Missourian community outreach team asked people who had adopted an animal to share information about their new pets.

James Harrison adopted Missy. Harrison said his family already had two male dogs but an 18-year-old beagle recently died. He was looking for a new dog and got another one, he said. Harrison said Missy's face impressed her. Harrison said, "It's just another thing to love." 


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Judy Rood adopted a dog, Hershey. Rood said she decided to adopt Hershey because Rood thinks she can handle her — Hershey seemed quiet and didn't jump much. She has adopted rescue dogs before and liked that Hershey didn't seem to be rowdy.

Cecil Jones adopted Regan, a male dog. Jones said he and his wife's first impression of Regan was that he was sweet and pretty. "We will be happy to see him," Jones said. "We will be happier."

Kyla Nave adopted Luke, a male dog, and said, "I chose this dog because my son really liked him." She said she also expects Luke will grow up with her son. Nave said, "(Our life) will be richer," she said. "Pets bring lots of joy."

Darwin George adopted Izit because he said she had a calm, laid-back personality.

Linda Bonebrake adopted a female dog, Emily. She said, "Emily is very laid-back, well-behaved ... and I think she'll get along good with my other dogs." She described Emily as a sweetheart and said she'll become a new member of her family.

Michael Moore adopted Bollo. Moore said, "She just felt right and was a really loveable dog." Moore's first impression of Bollo was she seemed to be shy and quiet, but loving. Moore said, "I think we're going to have a lot more fun." 

Larry Collins adopted Java, an Australian-shepherd mix, with his fiance. He thought Java had pretty eyes and looked quiet and reserved for its breed, which is generally very active. Collins said the dog will be his fiance's first pet and that i will be an enriching experience for her.

Bruce Piringer adopted a male Labrador mix that he plans to rename in a few weeks. The dog will join his two other dogs at home. One of his other dogs, a 13-year-old, recently died. On Sunday, he was looking for a new dog that would grow up to be large. He then saw the Labrador mix, who jumped up and seemed very friendly. "I didn't pick him, he picked me," Piringer said.

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