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FROM READERS: Movement calls for action against modern-day injustices

By MARIA LEMAKIS/Missourian reader
April 19, 2012 | 6:00 a.m. CDT

Maria Lemakis is in charge of news relations for the Freedom Movement at Mizzou. To find out more about the events and the organization, check our their Facebook page.

Freedom Movement at Mizzou, partnered with the international organization Tiny Hands, will be hosting a week long event starting April 23, 2012, on and around the University of Missouri campus.

Freedom Movement at Mizzou is part of a nationwide campus campaign, consisting of about 23 other colleges and universities, calling for action against the injustice of modern day slavery, particularly, human trafficking. The movement’s purpose and hope is to raise awareness among college students about the realities of modern day slavery, and impassion them to join the fight.

On Monday, April 23, a table will be set up on Lowry Mall for passersby to partake in a piece of canvas art and to foster creativity surrounding the movement.  The second campus event, Tuesday, April 24, is also on Lowry Mall. We will be conducting "Free Your Friends," a mock prison where a volunteer will be held until someone donates to Tiny Hands to "bail" him or her out. Wednesday, those interested have the chance to express their thoughts and ideas on modern day slavery and to be photographed with white boards displaying their expressions. The photo booth requires a $1 donation that will go to Tiny Hands International. In addition, there will be a station to upload the photos directly to Facebook for the immediate promotion of awareness and action.

The week will culminate with the main event Thursday, April 26, at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary of United Methodist Church with speaker Paul Yates and a screening of The Freedom Film. There will also be merchandise — profits go to Tiny Hands International. Also during the event, "A Brighter Light," a CD made in collaboration with the Freedom Movement, will be played.

Cash and check donations for Tiny Hands International will be accepted throughout the week at stations on Lowry Mall, the Student Center and Speakers Circle (checks should be made out to Get The Word Out), and online donations are accepted at Tiny Hands at any time. To volunteer to assist with any part of the week, please email Katie Freehling at You can also find us on Facebook at Freedom Movement at Mizzou, and on Twitter at @FreedomMvmntMU.

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