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Columbia Missourian

Milan fifth-graders share lessons from mom

By Joy Mayer
May 8, 2012 | 3:56 p.m. CDT
Fifth-graders from Milan Middle School visited the Missourian on Tuesday with teacher Rachel Beranek, far right.

We had some visitors in the newsroom this morning — a class of fifth-graders from Milan Middle School in Milan, Mo. While they were learning about how a newspaper works, we asked them a question in advance of Mother's Day: What have you learned from your mother?

The Missourian, KOMU and KBIA are asking that question of the community, as well, and we'd love to have your response.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the wisdom and humor of the fifth-graders.

What have you learned from your mother?

"It's a huge responsibility, taking care of other people." — Litzy Barron, 11

"My mother said when you go to a store, always be kind and say 'thank you' and 'please' and use 'Mrs.' and 'Mr.' and all that." — Clayton Moore, 11

"To always be kind and always help older people and younger people so there's a better community and world." — Emmanuel Bahena, 11

"To never give up. Keep trying." — Quinn Doak, 11

"Don't litter because it'll hurt your environment." — Kaden Watkins, 11

"If someone's bullying me, I have to defend myself." — Celeste Flores, 11

"If somebody goes away that I love a lot, to keep going with my life, because I'll find somebody else." — Lesly Martinez, 11

"That you should be nice to others so they can be nice to you back." — Marilyn Herrere, 11

"How to go shopping." — Hannah Barnes, 11

"She didn't abandon us when we were little, like if she got mad at us. She's caring and she loves us." — Michelle Ramos, 10

"To be respectful." — Kelvin Vieyra, 10

"Not to lie, so people don't get mad at you." — Michael Riddle, 11

"To never give up on your dreams and always have hope." — Brett Sayre, 10

"How to cook tacos." — Jaquelyn Perez, 10

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." — Adri Thurlo, 11

"How to take care of your brothers." — Emily Leonard, 10

"How to do laundry." — Hannah Anderson, 11

"To be yourself and no one else." — Catherine Eaglen, 11

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