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FROM READERS: Columbia's contra dance community

June 16, 2012 | 10:00 a.m. CDT
Krishna Fogle, wearing the plum-colored shirt, is a regular attendee of contra dances. This photo was taken at a contra dance last December in Columbia.

Krishna Fogle is a regular contra dance attendee. She became a board member of Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers three years ago to help get the word out about the dances. The next dance will be at 7 p.m. July 20.

I attended my first dance six years ago and loved it from that very first time. I had no idea there was such a talented, diverse and committed community of people that is passionate about keeping traditional music and dancing alive and well in Columbia — what a discovery! 


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I've always enjoyed old-time traditional music, but when I discovered contra dancing, it took my enjoyment to a whole new level and little did I know that my life's journey had just taken a new trajectory! What fun synergy and all-together loveliness … this music and dancing that is easy to learn and can bring people together in such a special way. 

In a few minutes time, I might dance with smiling people, aged 5 to 85, and completely forget to wonder anything about them, but just enjoy them for who they are in that moment while we do-si-do, swing or gypsy. 

My life is so much richer now because I simply went to a dance. I don't hesitate to tell others about contra dancing, but words just don’t do it justice. A person needs to experience it with all their senses to really get it. And, no two evenings are exactly the same, so it always feels a bit exciting to go, even after six years (and counting).

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