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Columbia Missourian

MU offers resources to help students schedule classes

By Stephanie Proffer
July 26, 2012 | 6:00 a.m. CDT

COLUMBIA — Incoming freshmen at MU get the luxury of having their first semester of classes scheduled almost entirely for them.

After those initial courses, though, students must fend for themselves, making important decisions about their academic careers.


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Fortunately, a variety of resources are available to alleviate the anxiety that can come with deciding which classes to take and which to avoid.

MU course catalog: Broken up by schools, the catalog includes the requirements for every degree program offered at MU. Some programs also suggest electives to students with particular interests or emphasis areas.

Academic advisers: All students are assigned advisers specific to their declared major. Advisers have on file each of their student's class records — they know which classes their students have already taken, which ones they still need to take and in what order the classes should be taken.

Advisers' job is to keep students on track with scheduling and requirements. Advisers can also address questions about prerequisites, permission numbers for courses and other class scheduling concerns.

MU grade distribution: This link displays information about the final grades given in any course available at MU. The easiest way to find a class is to fill in the "Course Title" drop-down menu on the site and hit search. A list of previous terms will appear with the following information:

"Browse Catalog" on myZou: This feature is helpful for students who want to explore the many classes available to them, as it lists every class offered at MU.

Classes are sorted alphabetically by department, and clicking on the course title gives a description of the class. A student can also see who teaches the course and what days and times it is available.

"Class Search" on myZou: This feature is more helpful for students who have a general idea of the kinds of classes they'd like to take or the times they prefer for their classes. There are several options for narrowing down the number of results the search will yield: