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FROM READERS: Columbia author shares a funny take on his humorous autobiography

June 23, 2012 | 10:00 a.m. CDT

Joe G. Dillard, a longtime Columbia resident, recently published his first book, "A Full Cup of Joe," a humorous autobiography of his funny life experiences thus far.

Don’t know Squat? Well you can after you read "A Full Cup of Joe."

About the book

“A Full Cup of Joe” is available from (soft cover and e-book) and the University of Missouri Bookstore. You can obtain autographed copies by sending a check for $15 made out to Joe G. Dillard at 3535 West Arbor Way, Columbia, MO 65203 (include the address you want it mailed to, if it isn't on the check). Three dollars of each sale will to go to the American Cancer Society. What a deal; we help the Postal Service a little bit, do something for cancer research and help old Joe pay down the debt on publishing the book. The ISBN number is 978-1-4759-2481-7. 

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Joe lives in Columbia, Missouri with his wife (Betty), their three children and five grandchildren (who are all above average). Other than writing, he does research on his Blue Mound Missouri History Project. Maybe another book sometime? For a sneak peak at the progress go to He also stays busy mowing six acres and hoeing a 40-by-40-foot garden in between attending basketball and softball games to watch his grandkids play.

Joe’s book is a humorous autobiography of all the funny things that have happened to him in life thus far (modestly embellished, of course). One feature of the book is never-before-seen photos of the difference between a squat and a hunker. If you ever attended one of his many workshops or presentations, you have probably seen him perform this amazing feat. He is still doing it at age 75!

As Joe points out in the book, life can be, and often is, funny. All you have to do is watch for it, or sometimes just experience it. Joe does this for you in this book. So, grab a cup of joe, set back, relax and join Joe in reliving his funniest life experiences.

You may not squirt your favorite beverage out of your nose, but his funny stories will bring a smile to your face and put a spring in your step. It’s obvious that he has seen, heard and experienced more funny situations than a normal person deserves. Meanwhile, you will learn how to solve problems by reading the “wet basement” story and how he became “A Real Guy” at church camp.

Also read “comments about the book that they surely would have made had they been asked." Some examples are:

Some early comments about the book from readers:

There is a disclaimer (and a bonus story that goes with each copy; only available when ordering directly from Joe):

“Please do not attempt to emulate, repeat or improve upon these events and incidents in the privacy of your own home or for that matter anywhere else. Reading this book should not reflect upon your use of good judgment. However, if you read it a second time…!”

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