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FROM READERS: Photos from an excursion to Diana Bend Conservation Area

July 5, 2012 | 3:49 p.m. CDT
Greg Arendall is a photographer in New Franklin and took this shot at Diana Bend Conservation Area near Rocheport.

Greg Arendall is a photographer with a studio located in New Franklin. He set out to photograph wildlife at the Diana Bend Conservation Area near Rocheport.

Last Sunday morning before dawn, I went to Rocheport and set up a small blind with the intent of capturing some bird activity at the wetlands there. I was shooting from a roadbed which was elevated about 10 feet above the water. During the course of the session I captured numerous herons, several hawks, a hawk stealing a fish from a heron, four raccoons, two red foxes and a doe with her two spotted fawns.


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I was amazed at the amount of wildlife activity at this rather small body of water.

After I had finished shooting and packed all my gear, I walked down the embankment and hiked along the shore for a short distance. I was shocked at the amount of trash I saw. There were so many empty plastic water bottles and various product wrappers.

It really put things in perspective for me. Here was a small body of water that most would pass by without a look, and, in reality, it was the home and feeding ground for such a large and diverse group of animals.

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