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Columbia Missourian

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hunting is big part of Missouri's economy

By Noah Stoll
July 12, 2012 | 6:00 a.m. CDT

I've spent my entire life working on a farm — planting, harvesting, replanting, etc. — but I've also grown up around the great outdoors and hunting. Both are key pieces in the state economy and I'm proud to have a hand in both.

An organization called Hunting Works for Missouri reports that hunters' annual spending is equal to more than half the total cash receipts for cattle and soy beans in the state. Both of these resources account for two of the most valuable commodities in the agricultural field of Missouri.

Being a part of a small rural town, I also have the opportunity to see the impact on local economies. With 609,000 hunters in Missouri, more than $433 million in salaries and wages are supported through the sport of hunting and hunters.

Hunting is an important part of life and an even more important part of our state's economy. This information needs to be shared with all residents of Missouri.

Noah Stoll is a resident of Alma and is passionate about hunting.