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Columbia Missourian

FAIR IN THE MAKING: Andy Tellman goes his own route with music

By Caitlin Jones
July 21, 2012 | 6:37 p.m. CDT
Andy Tellman's band have fun performing in Jefferson City. They will be playing at the Boone County Fair on Friday.

COLUMBIA — Andy Tellman, a multi-instrument musician, is performing with Derek Volkmann, Carly Allen and Josh Blythe at the Boone County Fair on Friday.

Tellman put this band together as a spin-off of a group called The Resign. The band is just one of many that will be performing at the fair.


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“This group formed as a result of me clearing my head of the extra mess that comes with playing live. I wanted this group to be focused outward, on others, rather than inward.” Tellman said.

As a songwriter, Tellman usually starts with an idea that needs to be conveyed.

“So, I write down notes on my thoughts. Next, I try and make my music portray whatever the song is trying to say. Usually the notes I’ve made need tweaking to fit the music,” Tellman said about his process, though he explained that he never has one set way of doing anything musically.

Tellman finds inspiration in many different types of music. Some musicians he enjoys are John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Coldplay and Jimmy Needham. Tellman said he tries to take different paths with his own music.

“I find whatever door is unlocked and go that route."