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FROM READERS: Dog consumes "A Full Cup of Joe" and survives

August 14, 2012 | 10:00 a.m. CDT

Joe G. Dillard is a longtime Columbia resident who recently published his first book "A Full Cup of Joe."

No, this is not a shaggy dog story. It is a true story about Emily’s dog who when left alone at home one day got bored and decided that he would read a book.


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Up he jumped onto the coffee table and immediately spied my new book, “A Full Cup of Joe”. “Wow this is just what I needed,” he mused.

He could hardly contain himself; “this is a real page turner!” Of course, not having any hands to turn the pages, he would just read one and then eat it. Before long he had finished the book, and feeling satisfied soon fell asleep.

When Emily returned home, she found him still sleeping in a pile of confetti which used to be "A Full Cup of Joe."

Now about the book - it turns out that it was the copy that I gave the library. Not long after I gave them the copy, a friend of mine at the library told me that someone had checked it out. And of course I was really, really curious about who did, and how they had found out about it.

Well, it comes to pass that Emily, the receptionist at the gym were we go work out, had heard me talking about it and unbeknownst to me went right down and got it.

Later, I was telling her that someone had checked out the only copy and she fessed up; it was her. What a small world.

That was about a week ago. Then today when we got to the gym, Emily told me that she has some bad news; her dog ate my book. Now she has to buy a copy as a replacement for the one her dog ate (hey, it’s another sale for me!).

Endnote: I am firmly convinced that 9 out of 10 veterinarians would not recommend "A Full Cup of Joe" as a doggie snack!

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