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FROM READERS: Inside the earbuds of marathon runners

By Missourian Reader Community
September 4, 2012 | 2:17 p.m. CDT

*An earlier version of this article had an incorrect day for the marathon.

Both first-time marathon runners and veterans alike ran in the Heart of America Marathon on Monday*. Earlier this week, we asked what these runners listen to while they run. We posed the question on Heart of America Marathon's Facebook page, and we've posted the responses below.  


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Erica Carper: Imagine being at Mile 17, few more hills still left, energy draining, legs heavy, general aches and pains, been at it awhile and mentally turning off. Now listen to this and BAM!! AWOLNATION - Burn It Down

Michael Brunette: Lately, Rush's "Force Ten" has produced a fast mile with a smile for me. Its got a driving tempo and the lyrics are introspective, suggesting we observe our surroundings amidst the chaos. Of course, this works best on a trail run!

Hugh Emerson: Because the HOA (like most marathons) doesn't allow iPods, you have to request your songs from the volunteers on the course. Oscar Chavez once told me he'd play a song for me to help me finish strong down Broadway (he was wielding a stop sign and a boom box at one of the intersections), and I requested "anything by ABBA".

Mindy Coolman: Anything from AWOLNATION. But my favorite is Sail!

Eric Kimlinger: Them Shoes by Patrick Sweany on Every Hour Is A Dollar Gone
"No one said it would be easy
Sometimes it is hard to do
It isn't like the TV
You see the cold hard truth
And the things you see in movies
Just don't come true
So here's a little feedback
You gotta wear your shoes"

Clarissa Kosmak Jones: I'm running HOA on Monday! I find the song "The Final Countdown" by Europe inspiring near the end of long runs.

Marietta L. Welch Morhardt: I've gone to listening to audiobooks. It keeps my mind occupied while I'm running, which is an activity I have yet to learn to love, but know I need to stay healthy. Currently, I'm listening to "Anna Karenina".

Joslyn Lewis: I put Jack Johnson on shuffle, positive and relaxing so I don't go out too fast.

James R Hillbrick: Cardinals, morning doves, robins, sparrows, frogs, crickets, and yes a dog or two. Earplugs ruin the experience.

Gary Mundhenke: I don't listen to music when running. Like to just think with what's in my head. Besides, I like to be able to hear a car or emergency vehicle coming up behind me.

Andy Kinney Emerson: I've listened to music 2 times and it actually helped, but I prefer the silence or the sounds around me.

Chris Allen: My marathon playlists consist mostly of 80's rock. One of my favorite running songs is Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden.

Mary Lynne Pfaff Richards: Podcasts and audiobooks mostly but sometimes you have to have a little Springsteen to get you over a hill.

Lyle Barber: I like to listen to books while I run. During last year's HOA I "read" A man who was Thursday by Chesterton. It gets me focused on other things beside the hills. :)

What do you listen to while you run? Share your favorite running songs, books or podcasts with the Missourian in the comments.

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