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Columbia Missourian

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Changes to Missouri football team not good for fans

By Carol Bedigie
September 7, 2012 | 3:37 p.m. CDT

If you were "lucky" enough to sit on the east side at the Missouri game last Saturday then you weren't able hear the band either. That is now denied to those of us not rich and influential enough to sit on the west side of Memorial Stadium.

They have changed conferences, changed the helmet, changed the playing field (how about those ugly end zones, folks?) and changed the helmet car. What else are they going to change?

Will the rock "M" at the north end be removed? It's supposed to be lowered so more seating can be installed, at least. I feel it's on its way out.

Will the fight songs be changed? Maybe these and the "M" are not "classy" enough for the SEC.

I have been to every home opener since I was a freshman in 1963, and have missed just four home games in that time. I have also gone to several bowl games as well as the Border War games in Kansas City against Kansas. In 1974, I even drove all the way to Vicksburg, Miss., to see Missouri lose to Ole Miss.

I am seriously considering giving up my season tickets as the games just aren't that enjoyable any more. Part of the fun is listening to the band. I can barely hear the drums now. And I am not the only one who complained last Saturday night.

I love the Tigers and have sat in the same seats for 30-plus years. Through bad years as well as good years I have showed up to support them. I intended to do that for as long as I'm able. But who is going to sit in the new seats next year? Who's going to sit in their old seats in 2013?

Plus the Tigers probably will not be going to any bowl games, at least for awhile. Pinkel won't even start the quarterback that infused the offense with some energy. I like James Franklin; he's a great kid. But the plays developed quicker when Berkstresser was playing. There was some zip on the ball when he threw, and the kid can run too.

Mike Alden and Gary Pinkel have ruined our beloved Mizzou traditions for the sake of the almighty dollar. They have little loyalty to MU past getting a paycheck. Maybe those checks should be taken away so they can go ruin some other school's athletic traditions. At least that's one thing they are very good at doing.

The SEC needs to be changed to SUC because being in the SEC SUCks.

Carol Bedigie is a Columbia resident. Questions? Contact Opinion editor Elizabeth Conner.