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Columbia Missourian

A collection of Georgia fan reaction to Columbia

By Caitlin Steffen
September 11, 2012 | 5:05 p.m. CDT
This Missouri fan welcomes Georgia fans on game day Saturday. "This is a complete and fair indication of the welcome extended to Georgia fans by every Mizzou fan I encountered," a blogger for said of the man's T-shirt.

Crowds of Georgia fans made the trip to Columbia for Missouri's first SEC game Saturday against the Bulldogs. Here are some articles and blogs with reactions from Georgia fans about Columbia and its game-day atmosphere. Shame and Disgrace in the SEC: The Tiger Hotel in Columbia, MO


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"I was in Columbia from Friday through Sunday, and I was never once spoken to in a hostile manner. I was welcomed about nine million times (approximate count), and I had several dozen friendly conversations with perfect strangers wearing gold and black who were just excited as hell to have us there," a blogger for wrote. (The post is complimentary but goes on to discuss another fan's complaints about a local hotel.)

USA Today Campus Rivalry: Georgia fans' impression of Missouri fans: 'Too nice'

"Too nice,'' Tom Easton decided of his new SEC cousins in gold shirts.

"I don't think they know what they're getting into,'' Steve Molinari said.

"There's some general confusion,'' Jay O'Meara said. "Everybody's kind of feeling each other out. It's like a first date.''

Red & Black: Classless Missouri Tigers have no place in SEC

"At first I thought the country’s best conference would be a good fit for Mizzou. But I soon realized what a far-fetched fit the Tigers are for the SEC," Jeremy Dailey wrote.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution LIVE Dogs blog: Hail, hail the SEC! (no really, hail)

"Sheldon Richardson’s comments notwithstanding, Mizzou has a long way to go in the SEC smack talk department," sports blogger Jeff Schultz wrote.

The Missourinet: Georgia fans enjoying their experience in Columbia

“Once they come to Athens and see how we tailgate in the SEC, they’ll learn how to do it up right,” Nathan Wise of Augusta, Ga., said.

College Spun: Recapping A Day In Columbia, From A Dawg's Perspective

"We arrived at the heart of the tailgate festivities about four hours before kickoff. The atmosphere was what you’d expect in an SEC town — plenty of tailgating with great food, corn hole, and all the other essentials," Luke Dixon wrote.

Georgia Sports Blog: Other Thoughts on the Missouri Trip

"The Missouri fans were so very nice. They are really, really happy to be in the SEC. But.....booing when an opposing team's player is down is very bush league. I get it, you thought he was stalling to slow down the offense, but booing him when he is helped off the field? Very Florida'esque," Tyler "Dawgden" wrote.

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