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FROM READERS: No-frills fall photos

October 18, 2012 | 1:19 p.m. CDT
Missourian reader John Hall shares a photo of the changing leaves, taken during a long trip through the area around his home.

John Hall frequently photographs his mid-Missouri surroundings, and he has been sharing his images with the Missourian for several years.

Some days, it's tough to even muster enough courage to leave the front yard. But, two English Cockers with recent haircuts wanted to go out and show off. The first person they saw was a brother to one of them. When we got to his house he was actually holding up a political campaign sign. I shared it with a few people but am not sending it to the masses, for some would probably get upset if it wasn't their candidate the dog was actually "supporting."

In times past, I would have probably shared it, but with dwindling numbers of friends,I can scarcely afford to lose any more of them. I've already started getting feedback from the few folks with whom I shared that photo and they liked it. It wasn't a staged photo, but one the dog figured out on his own.  That dog figures out a lot of things on his own when no one is around — or when he thinks no one is.

But, after leaving Toby, the English Cocker, who was holding up the presidential campaign sign, we headed off into the "wild, red, yellow, brown,  green and blue yonder." These are no-frill photos, for I've neither edited or captioned them. They represent about 6% of the photos taken in a two-hour period within a 13-mile radius of the place I call home. The total mileage on the truck to capture all of this color was 26.6 miles.

If you can't see the slideshow embedded below, view it on Flickr here.

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