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MU students say which issues matter in the presidential election

By David Conway
October 22, 2012 | 10:39 p.m. CDT
MU student Shelby Fullerton says the most important issue for her in this year's presidential election is equality at a watch party for the presidential debate on Monday.

COLUMBIA — With the presidential debates concluded and just over two weeks until Election Day, even the remaining undecided voters have to begin the process of picking a candidate to cast a ballot for on Nov. 6.

Before tonight's presidential debate, The Missourian went to a watch party at MU to ask students what issue is most important to them in deciding who to vote for this year. Below is a collection of their responses. You can also read our articles featuring responses to questions we posed at the first presidential debate, the vice-presidential debate and the second presidential debate.


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Ben Levin said the issue most important to him is health care.

Madison Knapp is most concerned with economic growth.

Aaron Munzer also prioritizes economic policy.

Ted Hammers said he cares most about bringing the troops home.

Aaron Mack, left, and James Koester said gay rights is the most important issue for them.

Devin Kelsey said affordable education is his primary concern.

Shelby Fullerton said equality is most important to her.

Not content to list just one issue, David Bayless said health care reform, infrastructure updates, criminal justice system reform and equality are important issues for him.

Holly Dinkel said education is most important to her, also writing that "ignorance stalls progress."

Kim To said immigration policy is her top priority.

Katie Ihnat wrote that equal rights and the right to choose are priorities for her.

Marcus Leipheimer said economic reform and the crisis in Iran are important topics to him.

Matthew Leipheimer said funding for the military, and student loans and scholarships are his two top issues.

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