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Columbia Missourian

THE TRAIL: Portraits of third-party candidates for Missouri public office

By Naveen Mahadevan
October 25, 2012 | 6:00 a.m. CDT
Anatol Zorikova (Constitution) U.S. House of Representatives, District 2: “In United States, I like a lot the combination of regulations and freedom. Freedom, personal rights, respect to the citizens from law enforcement agencies and government. Unfortunately, we are starting to lose it. That’s why I’m running for office, to change everything."

This election season, the Missourian has sent photojournalists to capture images of the campaigns and gain insight on election issues in ways that might seem unexpected. The Trail is an occasional photo series that will show you the scenes from campaign events in mid-Missouri.

These photos were shot on location on a Yashica 635 camera. It is a completely manual twin-lens reflex film camera first produced in 1958. The medium format camera creates square photos with more detail than the traditional single-lens reflex camera.

— Naveen Mahadevan

Dave Browning (Libertarian), Attorney General: “You are not a libertarian because you want to be. Nobody within their sanity wants to be in the minority. You are a libertarian because you have to be."

Jim Higgins (Libertarian), Governor: “What we want to do is change public opinion and change people’s view of what the role of government is. We probably won’t win this election cycle, but somewhere down the line we intend to win; we are moving toward that goal.”

Cisse Spragins (Libertarian), Secretary of State; and Sean O’Toole (Libertarian), State Treasurer (married couple): “Libertarianism is a philosophy. There just happens to be a political party attached to it." — O'Toole

Justin Harter (Constitution), Secretary of State: “I put in for this particular position and party because it was open.”

Jonathan Dine (Libertarian), U.S. Senate: “We need more ordinary people to be in the government.”

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