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FROM READERS: Presidential race inspires young people to be great

By Ymani Wince/Missourian Reader
November 7, 2012 | 12:09 a.m. CST
Ymani Wince, an MU student, shares her thoughts about the 2012 election.

Ymani Wince is an MU student.

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I am very pleased that President Obama was elected to a second term. He deserved a second chance to lead America into the future. As a student at MU, this election was eye-opening. I appreciate the fact that so many students on campus were dedicated to this year’s race for the presidency.

Although both Republicans and Democrats feel different about the election’s results, there is some common ground. This election allowed for young people to become activists. We made up a large part of the votes, and we became advocates for what we believed in. We may not all have the same political views, but as a first time voter, I can say that I feel honored to have participated in such a monumental event.

With young adults and college students voting across the country, I’ve never felt a nation more united. This election evoked a sense of urgency in my generation to speak out. The election got us chatting on social media sites, hosting events, attending speeches, volunteering our time, and most of all, the election inspired us to exercise our right to vote.

The Romney-Obama presidential election may have come to an end, but my generation will always have the seed of activism planted within.

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