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FROM READERS: Birds on a sunny autumn day

November 8, 2012 | 2:13 p.m. CST
John Hall, a frequent From Readers contributor, shared this photo of a sunny fall day.

John Hall frequently photographs his mid-Missouri surroundings, and he has been sharing his images with the Missourian for several years.

As you see, the sun did come up after Election Day. It later turned cloudy but such are the vicissitudes of life.

Some different birds showed up today to stake their claim on free food, such as the grackle, sparrow, tufted titmouse, downy woodpecker and a robin sitting in a pine tree that died this fall after a "no water" summer. The tree will provide great entertainment for woodpeckers until it is finally cut down or comes to its final demise during a Midwest wind storm.

For the 50 percent of you who are sure the sun will not be coming up much longer, stay tuned. For the 50 percent of you who think this is as good as it gets, you hang on, too. Every so often I'll share additional photos and you can determine for yourself the status of the world through the ever dimming eyes of the guy behind the shutter.

If you can't see the slideshow above, view it on Flickr here.

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