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FROM READERS: An autumn drive through the country

November 10, 2012 | 10:00 a.m. CST
Missourian reader John Hall snapped this photo of autumn in the countryside.

John Hall frequently photographs his mid-Missouri surroundings, and he has been sharing his images with the Missourian for several years.

My computer e-mail file was full of responses with regard to election day 2012, the day after. I thought it was incumbent upon my camera to take off and put the world in perspective.  So, I loaded up my faithful canine companions, and off we went.


We traversed country roads seeing cemeteries, hawks, barns, silos, school buses picking up youngsters, deer trying to hide and others doing their best to get run over. Look closely because in some photos, you won't see the deer unless you do so.


Our last curve in the road took us past the Dairy Experimental Station that J.C. Penney established many years ago at the University of Missouri. The cows were sure glad to see us, and a number of them came over to tell us the place where they stayed was udderly boring. I couldn't take the negativism, so I headed home and picked a few tomatoes. Frost hit a month ago, but I picked scores of pounds of tomatoes and put them in the basement. At the current rate, I'll be eating fresh garden tomatoes when Santa comes down the chimney.


The last two photos, taken a few weeks ago, are evidence of the Great Blue Heron. My wife finally liked a couple of photos that I had taken, and I downloaded them to a company in Houston who blew them up to 20 X 30 and sent them back to me for a "small offering." The photos now hang above the bed. They replaced three paintings that my wife had at some point in our married life spent a lot of money to obtain. If she had waited another 30 to 40 years for digital photography to come along and another 10 years for her husband to figure it out, she could have had cheaper pictures.

When I was taking those photos, I would have sworn I had some "winners." But when I downloaded them and showed my wife, she excused herself, saying that there were tasks around the house that needed her attention. So, if you view these photos and feel the same way as my wife, then I will have made a contribution. I will have succeeded in getting you away from your computer and out doing something more productive. I guess I do serve some useful role in life.

If you can't see the slideshow above, you can view it on Flickr here.

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