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FROM READERS: Innkeeper plans event to benefit Buddy Pack program

November 20, 2012 | 10:00 a.m. CST
Kriss Royer is the innkeeper at the High Street Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Boonville and has helped plan the "Sugar Plum Tea Party," a Christmas event for children. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the "Buddy Pack Food" program.

Kriss Royer is the innkeeper at the High Street Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Boonville. Royer has helped plan the "Sugar Plum Tea Party," a Christmas event for children. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Buddy Pack food program.

The Buddy Pack Program is so important to me because I work with families and  am often in their homes when those Buddy Packs come home, and I've seen first hand how important they are to families. Unfortunately, only the elementary children receive these packs and often there are older children in the families who are hungry too. They sometimes will eat out of the packs before they ever make it home. Especially, now that schools have "modified" their lunch programs. I'm seeing more "hungry" kids than ever before. These kids are often in sports programs or after school activities and need extra to eat that they no longer get, and when they go home they are usually extremely hungry. Often they go home to cupboards that contain the bare necessities or sadly, just enough for a small meal. I've been in their homes during meal times and have heard the children ask for seconds, or get up to get seconds, only to hear, "there isn't any more." 

About the event

SUGAR PLUM TEA (an event to benefit the Buddy Pack Program)

Put on your party clothes and join Clara and her Nutcracker friends in the magical Land of Sweets, and help the Buddy Pack Program at the same time!

Children (age 3 & up) and their special adults will enjoy a magical afternoon at the High Street Victorian Bed & Breakfast, which will be transformed into a fairy land with twinkle lights, fine china and linens.

Enjoy a special reading of the Nutcracker story, make a keepsake ornament, shake hands and pose for pictures with Sugar Plum Fairies or the Nutcracker.

Attendees are encouraged to attend the tea party in prince or princess costumes, or fine dress.

A magical world of snowflakes, sugar plum fairies, nutcrackers, and delightful fare for the tongue and heart!


Saturday, December 1st. ** 2 pm - 4pm **

The time for this date only is changed so you can attend the Christmas parade after the tea! Just 3 doors down.

Sunday Dec 2. 4 pm - 6 pm

Saturday Dec 8. 4 pm - 6 pm

Sunday Dec 9. 4 pm - 6 pm

Cost: $15. (ages 3 & up) Space is limited and you must have tickets. A portion of all sales goes to the Buddy Pack program.

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The Central MO Food Bank packs more nutritious foods in those packs and it costs them more to pack them. But giving is down and they can't pack enough Buddy Packs to meet the demand. Over 2000 children in Boone County have been cut from the program and there are over 135 on a waiting list in Cooper County.

I love Christmas and it is always special. Growing up in a family of 9, we never had a lot, and Momma would do whatever she had to to help us get by, but somehow, every Christmas was like magic. We always had a tree and would wake up to presents on Christmas morning! It was like a miracle! Not too many children experience that "magic" anymore. I feel so blessed and want to share that "magic" with children both young and young at heart. When I put together the "Sugar Plum Tea Party" I wanted it to be more than just an "event." I wanted it to create that 'magic', I want children to walk in and gasp and be thrilled! BUT I also wanted it to be more than that, I wanted to be able to give back to also help those very same kids. It only made sense to tie the two together and give the profits to the Buddy Pack Program.

If folks cannot attend, but want to help, they can sponsor a family, that otherwise wouldn't be able to attend. Or if they prefer give a donation for the Buddy Pack Program. All they have to do is call me. 660-882-7107.

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