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Columbia Missourian

'Peoples' Visioning' strives to make Columbia better through collaboration

By Monta Welch
November 18, 2012 | 6:00 a.m. CST

The elections are over. The harder work continues, or begins, depending on which way you look at it. The people have to come together and organize around ideas and policies that make sense and are fair. That’s the route the "Peoples’ Visioning" has been taking — we have come together to bring new ideas forward. Now we continue to build and develop both the Vision and the movement-building and collaboration required to move them forward. Our Vision is similar to the idea of a "Peace Economy" and addresses justice issues including sustainability, jobs, climate change preparedness and necessary adaptation. We will address climate change and create good-paying jobs, especially for those who make up the larger percentage of our unemployed numbers and heal "old wounds" in our community!

The "Peoples’ Visioning" has been meeting since August. We have tried to get the word out to the whole community. There have been related issue op-eds, news and media coverage, event postings and individuals and organizations using their networks to invite the community to join in. We are hosting our third mini-conference Monday with live music and refreshments at 6:30 p.m. and a program at 7 p.m. in the Friends Room at Daniel Boone Regional Library at the intersection of Broadway and Garth — all are invited.


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"Peoples’ Visioning" began with a sustainability framework and then free-ranging brainstorming in topic groups on various important subjects including public health, development and finance, energy, neighborhoods, etc. We all shared our ideas then voted on those we wanted to focus on moving forward first. We will update voting results and progress on the strongest, most supported ideas out of each different topic group at the third "Peoples’ Visioning" mini-conference, Monday.

Everyone is welcome to share their great work, projects and community efforts so we can weave ourselves together in support of each others' great ideas and focus. By weaving ourselves in a great collaborative tapestry of diverse and wonderful focuses, we will be stronger as a whole, coming together to create a "Peoples’ Vision" that is from "The People", untainted by any specific business or self or special interest. We are just friends and neighbors with a desire and hope to make Columbia a better community. We appreciate everyone’s great work and desire all to work together.

We are nonprofit groups, organizations and individuals inviting you to spread the word, invite your group, neighborhood or friends to join us, roll-up your sleeves with us and implement a "Peoples’ Vision" that is open to improvement and additional ideas as we head forward together. We have a four-step plan to implement the "Peoples’ Vision" and invite you to join us. Implementation includes doing much by working together on our own. It will include interface with our government representatives at various government levels and may include the right to a ballot initiative for the vote.

Learn more on our Facebook event and group pages (search: Peoples’ Visioning)  — spread the word and join us.

Sponsor: Columbia Climate Change Coalition; co-sponsors: Columbia-area chapter of the National Organization for Women, Democracy for Missouri, Sweet Ethics Sustainability, KOPN Public Radio and Food Not Bombs.