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Columbia Missourian

Zou Cab provides bike rides to football fans in Columbia

November 16, 2012 | 6:02 p.m. CST

COLUMBIA — Zou Cab began as way to enhance the tailgate experience, and now provides a way for volunteers to make extra cash or give back to the community. 

Tiger fan Jon Beahan started Zou Cab in September as a bike taxi service during game days.

Since its first appearance this season, Zou Cab has taxied dozens of football fans, some as far as two miles. Beahan said the cab picks up families with children, slow walkers and people just looking for a fun ride.

Drivers work only for tips and get to keep what they earn, as much as $50 an hour. Beahan said anyone can volunteer to drive the bikes.

Some keep the money; others give it away. Zou Cab driver Jacob Hess said his tips help fund softball tournaments called Home runs for Heroes.

Saturday is the last home game for the Missouri Tigers, but Beahan said the cabs can be rented for events by calling 529-6298.

He said he also plans to provide transportation during the True/False Film Festival from Feb. 28 to March 3.

Chart: Game-day commute

The common game-day parking lots and hangouts are spread across Columbia. Zou Cab bicycle taxi service now offers rides on football weekends. Here’s a quick guide to how long it would take to walk or bike to the stadium from a few of the most popular spots. (Chart: Anna Burkart)