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Columbia Missourian

Hot Box Cookies relocation improves business

By Becky Neems, Tess Malone
November 27, 2012 | 6:00 a.m. CST

COLUMBIA — Baking cookies is a science to Corey Rimmel. He is always experimenting with temperature and timing to perfect his recipes.

Rimmel’s latest experiment is a new location for his bakery, Hot Box Cookies. The store recently moved to 1013 E. Broadway and reopened in September. The first location was at 808 E. Broadway.


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The bakery gets most of its customers late at night, so being closer to businesses that also stay open late has increased the foot traffic, which has improved business, Rimmel said.

Every cookie at Hot Box is made to order. The new larger kitchen makes big deliveries easier, Rimmel said. Hot Box offers 11 cookies from the classic snickerdoodle to the recently added gluten-free monster cookie.

Rimmel hadn’t baked much before he decided to start Hot Box during his sophomore year at MU, he said. 

“I was still a full-time student when I started the business,” Rimmel said. “I struggled managing going to class and working 60, 80, 100 hours a week, but I was able to graduate somehow and still have the business running.”

The first recipe Rimmel said he perfected was his chocolate chip cookie, but he is equally proud of his cookies and cream cookie.

“I haven’t done too much to the recipe, but baking cookies really is a science,” Rimmel said.

Rimmel said he is always trying new ways to prepare and bake the cookies.

“You can always make a better cookie,” Rimmel said.

Today, Rimmel’s customers have come from as far as Kansas to sample cookies fresh out of the oven. Just as his customer base has expanded, he hopes the business will grow in Columbia and become one of its legacies, he said.

 “Hopefully someday I can build a brand where if you live in Columbia you know of Hot Box Cookies,” Rimmel said.

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