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Columbia Missourian

Public Works Department creates Facebook, Twitter accounts

By Mary Elgin
November 26, 2012 | 5:27 p.m. CST

COLUMBIA — The Columbia Public Works Department has entered the world of social media with a new Facebook and Twitter account.

Its Facebook page was started on Oct. 9 and a Twitter account was created in the middle of November, starting a soft launch to build quality.

Many divisions of the department have access to the accounts including Solid Waste, Columbia Regional Airport, Columbia Transit and Stormwater Utility.

According to a news release, Columbia Public Works stepped onto the social media platform to improve communications with customers. 

"We want to be transparent to our customers," John Glascock, director of Public Works, said in the release. "The more ways we have to communicate, the easier that will be."

Columbia Public Works also wanted to convey information quickly and accurately. With winter looming, the department said it is exploring other means to communicate road conditions.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Columbia Public Works is working to develop and improve its website.

Glascock said that the department is utilizing new, as well as traditional, ways of talking to people.

Columbia Public Works ultimately hopes a social media presence will help the department meet the public's needs more effectively.