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FROM READERS: Read the winning entry of the 2012 Flash Fiction contest

December 7, 2012 | 10:00 a.m. CST

The Daniel Boone Regional Library hosted a Flash Fiction Contest for teens this fall. Young adults were given no more than 250 words to share their original mystery, suspense or horror short stories.

This year's winner was Brandi Robison and her submission, "The Playmate," can be found below. You can find other Flash Fiction submissions on the DBRL Teen blog.

The Playmate

I paced the line between fact and fiction, dreams and reality, snarling at time. Time is forever the enemy of man and beast dictating our existence. Time oozed on, like near frozen elk’s blog, making the hairs within my nose itch.

At last the gate opened. My world ripped at the seams, splitting into two glorious dimensions: yours and ours. I leapt through the gaping hole in reality, entering a planet no longer alien to me, though I remained foreign to it. 

“What was that?!” The shrill vibrations of humans’ speech hurt my ears. I growled beneath my breath, padding behind a shelf of books. “It came from the library!” called the other. Within moments, the door swung open. I dropped, crawling behind the shelves until I blocked their only path of escape. I let out a sharp howl. It was raw, unlike anything a creature of this earth could produce, slicing the air like 10,000 knives. The humans turned slowly towards me. I parted my lips into a smile, wagging my tail, “Won't you come and play?”

I licked my muzzle, looking down at my bountiful prize. There came a hiss from behind. I turned. My book opened to the page from which I’d come. I dragged the corpses across the slick tile, drooling as I went and stole them into my story, grinning with joy. I couldn’t wait until my next play date. Until then, on to the girl with the hood.


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