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Columbia Missourian

Boone County firefighters stop spread of rural brush fire

By Andrew Hazzard
December 3, 2012 | 5:21 p.m. CST

COLUMBIA — Fifteen first responder units put out a brush fire that burned up two acres of dried leaves and grass in northwest Columbia on Monday. 

Doug Westhoff, the assistant chief of Boone County Fire Protection District, said that the fire was started from embers that were left over from a controlled burning on a local property on Sunday. High winds and dry conditions caused a fire to spark in the brush.

County firefighters had the two-acre blaze under control within 20 minutes of arrival, Westhoff said. 

According to Westhoff a couple of Boone County utility trucks received minor damage, but other than that there was no property damage or human injury caused by the blaze. Westhoff said the firefighters were pleased with the results, given the potential of fires to get out of control in dry, windy conditions.

The 15 units were sent to ensure the control of the blaze and prevent it from spreading into nearby residential neighborhoods, Westhoff said.

"We were able to quickly extinguish the fire closest to the residents," Westhoff said.