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Columbia Missourian


By Linda Green
December 7, 2012 | 11:52 a.m. CST

Who should be concerned about EEZs (Enhanced Enterprise Zones) in Columbia?

Parents, teachers, school board members and school administrators: Say no to EEZs because public property tax giveaways to corporations in EEZs especially cut children's school funding. Could school salaries be cut too?

Public employees, public librarians, fire fighters, police officers and city infrastructure workers: EEZs threaten your department's funding. Would this mean less equipment and fewer city jobs?

Business owners already in Columbia: EEZs give public funds to corporations in EEZs. Could your competitor get a tax giveaway you can't get?

Jobs seekers: EEZs are not proven cost-effective at providing jobs, do not provide jobs specific to EEZ residents or transportation to jobs. Instead of EEZs, don't we need more accessible, effective jobs training and a better public transportation system?

Residents of Columbia: All homes, apartments, parks, schools and businesses within EEZs must be designated "blighted." Despite Proposition 1, which will appear on the April 2013 ballot, couldn't the city find an excuse to use eminent domain and still turn property over to EEZ development later? See the legal definition of blight and wording of Proposition 1

The state of Missouri controls what businesses move into EEZs. Wouldn't loss of local control and giving decision power to the state of Missouri change Columbia's character and affect everyone who lives here?

Tell the EEZ Board, the Columbia City Council and the Columbia Board of Education, no to EEZs.

Linda Green is a Columbia resident.